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Paul Skilbeck

Friday 11 March 2016

BROOKS England: Introducing the Femto light

Compact and convenient new light for urban cyclists, from Brooks England.

BROOKS England: Introducing the Femto light
Photo: Brooks England

Fans of BROOKS England and urban cyclists will be interested in the new Femto lighting system for city riding, designed in collaboration with Lezyne who have a reputation for being as good at lights as Brooks are at saddles. 


  • Easily clipped to frame, handlebars, or seat post
  • Removed easily to prevent theft
  • Small enough to stow in pockets
  • Bright enough to ensure you stay visible
  • Modes include constant illumination or four different flashing modes 

MSRP: $20.00 USA, €20.00 Europe


BrooksTWO-YEAR TEST REVIEW - September 2018

I am a huge fan of this little femto LED light.

Battery life
While I prefer rechargable, this light performs admirably as a non-rechargable product. My initial concern was how long the two CR2032 batteries would last. The claimed duration is 60 hours in flashing modes and 30 hours steady. In real-life usage, with almost daily use, albeit usually for not more than 20 minute trips and mostly in flashing mode, the batteries have needed to be replaced only once. Once in two years is okay by me. One night I accidentally left the light switched on in steady mode overnight, and it was still bright the next morning. I've not yet replaced the battery and that was about three months ago.

These are be-seen lights. But even then you're not going to be very noticeable from a long range, so keep that in mind. That said, it's great light for urban use or packing for touring as an emergency backup - since it's so small and lightweight - but for countryside riding at night I'd recommend something with a lot more than the 15 lumens this puts out. The front unit doesn't put out enough light to illuminate a dark road at speeds much above 10kph/5mph.

If you don't want your lights to be stolen, you have to unclip them from the bike when locking it outside. Ease of mounting and removal is one of the highlights of this light. The solid rubber mount is very durable, and the rear unit has a sloped face for mounting on a seat post.
Turning the lights off and on is by pushing on the lens, which is easy to do when rolling or at a standstill. I prefer to set the light to the mode I want before I start rolling though, otherwise I end up looking back and down which is usually when things happen that in hindsight you'd rather hadn't.