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The Ride

June 2024

The Everything Bike - And Then Some

An astonishingly efficient all-rounder, this bike by Naked does everything well. Its primary purpose is 75-100 mile mixed-surface rides with 10,000ft climbing and descending. Good riders on other bikes have been unable to even finish these rides. In my view, energy saved by this bike is what made the difference.

Bicycle Components

September 2018

Love at first seat - Gilles Berthoud Soulor

Finding the right saddle is a very personal thing, with comfort a major factor. But Gilles Berthoud saddles offers a lot more than just a comfy ride. Paul Skilbeck relates his experience over two years with a Gilles Berthoud Soulor saddle.


March 2018

Naked's framebuilder notes on a prototype

This is a candid, insider view to the development of a new frame design. Sam Whittingham, designer and builder at Naked, wanted to experiment with what's extreme for a well-rounded trail bike. This is his first prototype in that line.

Frame Builders

March 2018

Checking in with Sam Whittingham

Naked Bicycles was winning awards just about every time they showed up at NAHBS. Then they quietly disappeared from the show scene, poking their heads up briefly at the low-key Vancouver show in 2018. We asked Sam Whittingham about his promo strategy and threw in a couple about framebuilding philosophy.