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August 2020


May 2019

Battaglin's limited edition Arena 1981 frame

The 2019 Giro d'Italia starts this weekend, and finishes again in the Verona Area. Officina Battaglin releases a limited edition frame that honours the venue of the greatest day in Giovanni Battaglin's career.


March 2019

Last chance for Battaglin's Roche commemorative frame

Two years ago, in 2017, Battaglin announced a run of 30 diamond-studded frames commemorating Stephen Roche's 1987 Tour-Giro-World's hat trick. Only one set remains of the materials required for this stunning custom frame.

People in the Industry

March 2019


January 2018

Battaglin's e-guide to gravel bikes

Alessandro Battaglin's new online guide to the reasons for gravel riding and equipment specification for custom gravel bikes is a personal account that pours years of experience into a useful 18-page read.