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Black Magic

Sophie Ballo

Tuesday 08 March 2016

Black Magic: No one way to a fantastic paint job

Black Magic paint from Portland, Ore. will paint your frame to your specifications, or you can let them unleash their own creativity to give your custom bike a unique look.

Black Magic: No one way to a fantastic paint job
Black Magic Paint

When one makes the commitment to purchase a custom bicycle, the bike itself is not the only thing that matters - the finish often times can be the difference between liking and loving the end result. Black Magic Paint demonstrated that point at NAHBS, showcasing their work not only in their own booth, but on countless bikes peppered throughout the show.

Though only in operation for six months, their presence on the handmade scene is already palpable. Rudi Jung is the artist behind the "magic", and paired with Ben Corbalis handling the business and customer service side, they make a formidable team.

When asked how the process typically works, Corbalis replied, "There is no one way that things happen. Customers sometimes give us exact measurements and colors, and sometimes give us a few ideas and a long leash." Which way do they prefer? Turns out, there's no preference.

"Sometimes it's great to see a customer's reaction when you deliver their specific vision, but it's also amazing to surprise someone with a completely original design," said Jung of the process.

Newly-built frames are not the only beneficiaries of Black Magic paint. The company's range of services includes stripping existing paint from an older frame to begin the renovation from scratch, oftentimes painting bars, stems, seat posts, or even rims to match.

And then there's the name: Black Magic. How did this come about? "People say that wet paint looks like magic, and our designs usually involve a lot of fades, glitter, and bright colors," says Jung. "Black Magic just seemed like the perfect description."

For more information or to get in line for the paint job of your dreams, head to www.blackmagicpaint.com. Current wait time is 4-6 weeks from start to finish.


This article has been edited to remove outdated pricing information.