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Dear Susan

Paul Skilbeck

Thursday 19 May 2016

Video: Petor Georgallou of Dear Susan Bicycles

Eccentricity can sometimes appear in the most normal of guises, but while British builder Petor Georgallou might be mistaken in San Francisco for the average techster just in need of a beard trim, scratch the surface and you'll see he's anything but.

Video: Petor Georgallou of Dear Susan Bicycles
Petor Georgallou with photographer Ben Broomfield at Bespoked 2016. Photo: Anna Schwinn

Being a tweaker in the hi-tech world is almost a necessity for peer respect in the current era. In the bicycle world it's a different story, where according to the patents office, much of that energy dissipated a hundred years ago. Petor Georgallou is taking a risk. His aim is to redefine cycling as fun. For him it's not all about utility, although his bikes work and they serve a purpose, but rather it's about getting in touch with that part of ourselves which enjoys a really good time.