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Majaco Bicycles

Sophie Ballo

Saturday 27 February 2016

Majaco Bicycles: Magical metallurgy

Mark Combs, the master behind Majaco Bicycles is no beginner when it comes to metallurgy.

Majaco Bicycles: Magical metallurgy
Majaco Bicycles

Austin, Texas has long been a hot bed for creative types, and part of that rich history extends to the large number of builders who call it home. One such builder is Mark Combs, the master behind Majaco Bicycles. Though this is only his second NAHBS, and the first NAHBS where he has a dedicated booth, Combs is no beginner when it comes to metallurgy. 

"I worked in the aerospace industry for 23 years as a metal worker," he shares while I ogle his buttery smooth fillet brazed frame, "and it taught me to be extremely exacting in my precision; there's little room for error up in space." 
That attention to detail is evident in all of his work, be it lugged, tig-welded, or fillet brazed, and he intentionally offers all three because of the unique qualities each method brings to the ride. If he had to choose one for his own bike, though, fillet brazed would be the one due to the beautiful result and time consuming nature of the work. 100% American made is also extremely important to Combs, with True Temper being his preferred steel, and Paragon dropouts/bottom brackets standard on all builds. 
When asked about his building philosophy, Combs shares that the Japanese work ethic of mastery of craft plays a large role in how he views frame building. "I was trained by Yamaguchi's school, and I want my bikes to reflect a modern, yet classic aesthetic." Viewing the elegant, straightforward bikes on display in his booth, it's evident that he's hitting his mark. 
Full custom starts at $1700, and includes a simple finishing job from Austin Finishing Works, though more intricate designs can be worked out on a case by case basis. For those on a bit more of a budget, he offers tig welded Standard Sizing run for $1250, with a steel fork being $250 additional. Current turnaround time is at a quick 3-4 weeks, which makes him a fantastic option if high quality on a tight timeline is important. To learn more, head to www.majacobicycles.com