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Rolf Prima

Matt Butterman

Saturday 20 February 2016

Rolf Prima: Handbuilt Wheels for Handbuilt Bikes

Rolf Prima: Handbuilt Wheels for Handbuilt Bikes

Rolf Prima: Handbuilt Wheels for Handbuilt Bikes
Photo: Rolf Prima


Rolf Prima has been building wheels since 2002 in Eugene, Oregon.  They hand-build high-end, performance based bicycle wheels for road, mountain, gravel adventure, cyclocross, track, tandem, town and folding bikes and which serve just about any type of riding you are into.

Despite the Germanic or Nordic-sounding name of the wheels’ original inventor, Rolf Prima wheels are as American as apple pie. Brooke Stehley of Rolf Prima explains:  “We have always designed, tested and built all of our wheels right here in Eugene, Oregon and a little more than a year ago, we brought in the ability to manufacture our own alloy rims. These have always been our design, but now are also made by hand in-house. We also make an effort to partner with many US manufacturers, like our hubs that are made to our design for us by White Industries in California, or our decals that are printed in Colorado for us.”

Rolf Prima’s signature characteristic is their paired spoke technology that allows them to build with fewer spokes and lighter rims. This creates a lighter, faster and better performing wheelset.

The wheels with the signature paired spokes also pair well with their handbuilt frameset brethren. Stehley explains: “You will find many of our wheels on handbuilt bikes. We work with all sizes of builders around the globe to help create truly what the end-user wants out of their new bike purchase. Being a small business that designs and manufactures in the US, we can easily do small one-off and custom orders for just the perfect look.”

In fact, customers can personalize their own Rolf Prima wheels with the Built On Demand program. This allows you to design custom color decals for many models of Rolf Prima wheels to coordinate with your bike or team kit.

See more about how to pair yourself with a pair of Rolf Primas at www.rolfprima.com.