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Paul Skilbeck

Thursday 21 April 2016

Paul's nod to Grounation Day

April 21 is the anniversary of Grounation Day, Haile Selassie's historic visit to Jamaica in 1966. Paul Components commemorate this great day with a Rasta-themed skewer set.

Paul's nod to Grounation Day

Imagine a world with no reggae music. Terrible, right? Prior to Haile Selassie's visit to Jamaica, Rastafarians were largely outcasts in the British colony. But Selassie's recognition of the religion and his warm acknowledgment of its elders during his visit added a measure of respectability, opening doors for the commercialization of reggae. What better way to celebrate this day than by ordering a set of Paul skewers in the Rasta colours? Yours for a mere USD 55.00.

Technical Information

Material: Stainless Steel & 7075 Aluminum
100mm: 50 grams
135mm: 63 grams
170mm: 68 grams
190mm: 72 grams
Anodized Color: Red, Silver, And Blue
Cam: Internal