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Matthew Butterman

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Speedvagen OG1: Everyman's handbuilt bike

The Vanilla Workshop of framebuilder Sacha White introduces the Speedvagen OG1: a stock, handbuilt bike that can be delivered to the customer in around two weeks.

Speedvagen OG1: Everyman's handbuilt bike
Photo: The Vanilla Workshop

The Vanilla Workshop, run by master frame builder Sacha White in Portland, Oregon, introduces the OG1 road machine, the first model in the Speedvagen Ready-Made program. With the Speedvagen Ready-Made program, customers will get a workhorse race machine – designed, built, painted and assembled in The Vanilla Workshop. This program is bringing a new definition of handbuilt bicycle to the market.

Speedvagen was born from a desire to keep handbuilt bikes accessible to friends and fellow racers. And with all Speedvagen up to this point being custom with a longer wait, this marks a return to the company’s roots with a bike that represents the core of the Speedvagen ethos of attainability. The OG1 (Original Gangster) is a beautiful, minimalist, bombproof race machine with a great ride. Each OG1 is meticulously built by hand at the Vanilla Workshop in Portland.

Sacha White says, “We are making the OG1 ​for people who value handmade, and who don't feel a need to choose every last little detail. They want a beautiful bike that's made by a company they feel a connection with and that excites them. They trust us. They want what we offer. We are presenting those customers with a complete package that is our idea of a great bicycle.”

The Vanilla Workshop

Even stock handbuilt bikes come with unique touches you're not likely to see on machine-built bikes.  Photo: The Vanilla Workshop

OG1 frames are produced in small batches, keeping the cost down, while offering riders a truly hand built experience without waiting months or even years for a bike. The goal is to have a bike delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.


  • 5 standard sizes ranging from 50 to 58 (50,52,54,56,58).
  • 2 iconic color options – Matte Army & Matte Lavender.
  • Painted in-house, utilizing Speedvagen Ghost graphics.
  • Berzerker dropouts.
  • Integrated seatmast.
  • Super light custom drawn steel tubing. (Columbus and True Temper)
  • Strategically placed stainless steel reinforcements.

The Vanilla Workshop

An Army issue handbuilt bike?  The Speedvagen OG1 comes in a very utilitarian-looking olive green paint scheme.  Photo: The Vanilla Workshop

The OG1 component package has been selected for great function, shredability and longevity. You'll notice a mix of Dura Ace and Ultegra - an old racer's secret (performance where it matters and economy where it counts) as well as a nice lightweight year-round set of Mavic wheels. Here's the full spec:

  • Shimano Dura Ace mechanical shifters and rear derailleur.
  • Shimano Ultegra front derailleur, cranks and brakes.
  • Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels & tires.
  • Fizik Antares saddle.
  • PRO handlebar wrapped in Cinelli cork tape.
  • Ritchey seatpost head & painted PRO PLT stem.
  • Painted ENVE 2.0 road fork.

With the Speedvagen Ready-Made program offering a stock option for a handbuilt bike, the question arises: will this new market rival demand for full-custom bikes?

White answers,”​Maybe. I like the idea of people buying production bikes from companies who actually make their own stuff, so more production from small shops like ours would be great.​ Since the beginning, I've wanted to build bikes for friends and fellow racers. Keeping my bikes attainable (both in lead time and financially) is a core value of mine.​ But the challenge is, how do you do that without watering things down and outsourcing?  ​The OG1 is an example of us pushing back and doing what we think is right.​”