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Wittson Custom Cycles

Matthew Butterman

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Wittson Custom Ti Cycles: From father and son to you

Wittson is a father-and-son company from the Baltic nation of Lithuania that specializes in frames and forks built from titanium.

Wittson Custom Ti Cycles: From father and son to you
Photo: Matt Butterman

"We are titanium specialists from Lithuania," says Vidmantas "Vitas" Zukauskas of Wittson Custom Ti Cycles. Just as early customers of Henry Ford could have any color car as long as it was black, Wittson will produce any kind of bike for their customers as long as it's made from titanium.

Well-regarded as a contract builder of titanium frames for Colnago, among other brands during the 1990s, Vidmantas and his son Mindaugas started their own brand to bring custom, bespoke titanium framesets to customers worldwide.

The name Wittson is a play on words that may be self-evident to speakers of Lithuanian, but takes a little explaining in English.

Wittson source their European Grade 9 titanium tubes from Baltic neighbor Sweden and the VSMPO Titan Scandinavia corporation, which also supplies aerospace luminaries Boeing and Airbus. Wittson uses 3/2.5 Ti for their frame production, and 6/4 Ti, which has greater tensile strength but is much harder to weld, for dropouts and bottom bracket shells, along with smaller bits such as brake cable stops.

Wittson produces anything in titanium with two wheels, and the company’s website lists “road disc, time trial, track, 650B, 29er, fat bike, bmx, frames with S&S Couplers, Rohloff, thru axle, belt drive, BB-30, PressFit 30, PressFit BB86, Lefty, etc.” as various past iterations of bikes that they’ve produced. Customers can design their own bike right at the website, choosing a road or mountain base, and entering various design parameters.

Wittson also offers two stock model options, a road racing and cross-country MTB option, as well as cyclocross and 29er forks made from Ti.

But clearly Wittson accentuates their bespoke creations, with a large photo and story gallery that features bikes created for customers around the world. The same gallery chronicles the adventures that customers have undertaken with the help of a made-to-measure titanium steed beneath them.

Lithuania may be a small nation, but Zukauskas pere et fils are well on the way to creating a world renowned brand with their singular focus on titanium bikes coupled with  a willingness to create anything their customers want from this light, strong and corrosion-resistant metal.