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Woodrup Cycles

Anna Schwinn

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Bespoked: Woodrup's Triumph tribute

Anna Schwinn continues her theme of retro bicycle romance with a stylish British roadster from one of the UK's traditional marques.

Bespoked: Woodrup's Triumph tribute
Woodrup Chimera. Photos: Anna Schwinn

The story behind this bike is sentimental. A customer wanted a bike to pay tribute to his father’s 1937 Triumph Dolomite roadster. He had a lot of fond memories of the car, and of his father caring for it. As a cycling enthusiast, he wanted a bicycle that could be that vehicle for him, one that he could use and love and dote on.

Triumph Dolomite

Woodrup Cycles went to work, poring over photos the man had of his father’s car. For the overall shape of the frame, particularly in the top tube, Woodrup took inspiration from the swooping lines and flow of the car’s body.

The head tube and seat cluster feature custom bilaminate wing designs, drawn from the shape of the vents along the Dolomite hood. In several places, such as on the front-top of the top tube, the wings wrap around to form little hearts. The details were then painted in a contrasting color for emphasis. Otherwise (with the exception of the chain stay sockets) the frame is fillet brazed.

Chimera top tube

The frameset and fenders were painted to match the car and styled in polished stainless (in the instance of the splitter) or chromed depending on wear and usage. The cherry on the top of the whole paint scheme is the integration of the Triumph bonnet mascot into the downtube decals.

To match the frame detailing, the choices of component spec leaned towards polished, bare metal, or chrome wherever possible. Otherwise, natural materials were chosen wherever the rider would interface the bike. There is leather in the grips and Brooks saddle. The bottle cages are wooden.

The customer added a snap-on cloth protector to the top tube.The overall strategy of this bike from a rider perspective was to create something clean and modern in functionality. A belt Rohloff drivetrain was chosen for the task, to keep pant legs grease-free and reduce the need for servicing.

And yes, this bike is already being ridden and loved and doted-on by the customer, who rides it to the shop to get his newspaper.