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Paul Skilbeck

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Vancouver Bike Show: Naked Pure Road

A beautifully finished ti road frame by Sam Whittingham of Naked is at the heart of a classic-styled 15lb road rocket

Vancouver Bike Show: Naked Pure Road
Photo: Naked Bicycles and Design

Since winning Best in Show at the 2008 NAHBS in his first appearance there, Sam Whittingham, of Naked Bicycles and Design, has had a reputation for making bikes that ride great and look great. Here he tells us about a titanium road bike he took to the Vancouver Bike Show.

Purpose and inspiration
This customer already has a naked X and a naked hardtail 29er. What is missing? A pure road machine of course! With the market trending toward discs, thru axles, big tires and adventure, we sometimes forget the joy of an all-in road rocket. This is the naked take on a timeless asphalt grinder.

pure road

Favorite features
Our custom seatmast is a noticeable feature of this build along with the clean lines and geometric finish in paint, polish and anodization.

mast topper

Material and component choices
It is always fun to build Titanium road bike for a small, light rider. Most stock bikes have to be built with the chance that a heavier rider will buy it. This often makes for bikes that are far too rigid unless you are north of 200lbs. If you are 120lbs, forget it, it is going to be a brick. We never build a bike to be lighter than it should be nor heavier than it needs to be. This bike has a frame weight of 2.6 lbs and complete weight of 15lbs.

anodizing detail

Design challenges or features
The build on this was pretty straight forward. Component and material choices were easily decided. So we turned our efforts to finish. It can be a challenge to keep the overall picture in mind. We knew early on that the customer wanted something classy, yet still modern. We also wanted to be true to the raw naked nature of Titanium. The biggest challenge was balancing the bright blue Rolf Wheels with the understated nature and warmth of Titanium. By keeping the pattern consistent between paint, polish and anodizing, and balancing the colour notes in each, we hope we have achieved a cohesive feel.

pure road, rear