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Paul Skilbeck

Monday 13 March 2017

Carl Strong's Pursuit of knowledge

A few years back Strong Frames shifted its focus from steel to titanium. Now Carl Strong is expanding his business to a line of carbon fiber bikes and a whole new company.

Carl Strong's Pursuit of knowledge
Photo courtesy of Pursuit Cycles

“Learn, improve, be better: the pursuit of knowledge, those a lot of the reasons I’m doing this, and we want to build perfect carbon fiber bicycles,” said Carl Strong, who has long been known worldwide as one of the leading exponents of metal frame manufacture.

Strong’s new company is called Pursuit Cycles, and its exclusive focus is custom carbon fiber bicycles. “It’s a whole new company. Separate premises, everything. Carbon fiber technology is not something that can be done in the same custom environment as a titanium frame,” explained Strong, adding, “It’s like a skunkworks that a big company would have, but without the big company!”

Strong has partnered up with two others, including Jared Nelson, a mechanical engineering teacher at the State University of New York, New Paltz. Nelson has written several papers on manufacturing-induced flaws in fiberglass/epoxy composites and remains heavily involved in research to learn more about the deformations that take place during the manufacturing process.

“We have some assumptions, but we still don’t really know what’s happening. CT scanning and digital image correlation can help us to see what’s happening, but we have yet to integrate these tools into the construction of a bicycle frame tube,” says Nelson.

Bicycle frame production fits into the broad research plan of Nelson and other institutions working in carbon fiber technology. “I am hoping for Pursuit to use some of the tools available for composite research,” he adds.

Pursuit will offer build kit options, and each model will be at the upper end of the price range and reflect the state of the art in carbon fiber frame manufacturing.

It is not quite time yet to visit http://pursuitcycles.com/ and order your frame. Much work remains to be done to get the frames riding just right, to the same standard of excellence that Strong Frames customers have come to count on. Pursuit Cycles will start taking orders late this year for delivery early in 2018.