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Cake Bikes

Paul Skilbeck

Monday 13 March 2017

Cake Bikes: Let them have cake

A recent collaboration between HED Wheels and Peacock Groove Cycles has cooked up Cake Bikes, a new type of fat bike with 24" wheels.

Cake Bikes: Let them have cake
Eric Noren (l) and Andy Tetmeyer (r) like their Cake. Photo: Paul Skilbeck

Like cake? Then you'll love this. Erik Noren of Peacock Groove fame has launched a new brand called Cake ("It's easy as cake," he says). A fat bike made for the 24" oversize wheel by Hed Wheels, for many riders, particularly those under 170cm tall, this wheel size seems to hit the sweet spot in fat bike design.cake bikes

Cake, the new brand of stock bikes from the Peacock Groove family. Photo: Paul Skilbeck

Peacock Groove and Hed are two top-drawer brands that have been collaborating on gravel bikes since 2012.
Noren (standing center and looking mean in the featured image) is so impressed by the way this bike rides he is launching a separate brand for it: Cake Bikes.  Andy Tetmeyer (right) of Hed, who has longer experience with gravel riding equipment than most in the USA, provided wheels for the bike. He is equally impressed with its ride.

Cake bikes won't be offered as made-to-measure frames. To keep costs down Noren is making them available in pre-designed 11,13,15,17 and 19" frame sizes.

More information is at cake.bike

This article was first published in summer 2016