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Classic Rendezvous Weekend

Matthew Butterman

Thursday 16 June 2016

Classic Rendezvous Weekend: Sunday Show and Award Winners

The Classic Rendezvous Weekend June 10-12 concluded with the Tour de Guilford ride and a swap meet/show on Sunday June 12. We announce the award winners here.

Classic Rendezvous Weekend: Sunday Show and Award Winners
Photo: Brian Chapman

The Classic Rendezvous Weekend concluded on Sunday June 12 with a swap meet and show display at the Lewis Recreation Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many of the attendees and some of the exhibitors participated in the morning’s Tour de Guilford ride through surrounding Guilford County, which concluded with a lap of the famous Carolina Cup race course in adjacent Country Park.

Back at the Lewis Recreation Center, dozens of rare and collector bicycles were on display, and all were eligible for a People’s Choice award, voted on by show attendees. A jury of judges headed by show promoter Dale Brown selected their own award winners, and the results were announced at 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon.

The 2016 Classic Rendezvous Weekend paid tribute to the recently departed Brian Baylis, and bikes made by him won three awards.    Photo: Matt Butterman

The following is the complete list of award winners. Look for photos and features on a number of these bikes in the coming days right here at HBG News.

Category  Bike   OwnerPlace
Vintage North America:J.P. Weigle #1Debra Banks1st place
 WizardGeorge Allen2nd place
Vintage France:CharrelMichael Crichton1st place
 LeJeuneJohn Katsetas2nd place
Vintage British:Hetchins BrilliantKen Wallace1st place
 Hetchins ExpertoDavid Poole2nd place
Track:Brian BaylisEric Elman1st place
 Ross SignatureAJ Nichols2nd place
Touring:Jack TaylorSteve Benson1st place
 Alex SingerGary DeLaRosa2nd place
City:SonciniSteven Maaskud1st place
 HanfordSimon Firth2nd place
Vintage Italy:Frejus Model ADavid Beck1st place
 PogliaghiDale Brown2nd place
Vintage JapanMiyata TouringRoy Drinkwater1st place
Vintage InternationalSieber PistaJoe B-Z1st place
 MondiaDirk Visser2nd place
RoadColnago (1968)Chris Gonzales1st place
 MagniJohn Barron2nd place
RandonneurJamie Swann #19Jamie Swann1st place
 J.P. WeigleVivek Purohit2nd place
Classic/ContemporaryChapman TandemBrian Chapman1st place
 Mariposa CampeurMichael Barry Sr.2nd place
Best in Show   
Lightweight VintageFrejus Model ADavid Beck 
Keeper of the FlameBaylis DrilliumDale Brown/Jon Williams 
People's ChoiceChapman TandemBrian Chapman 


A.J. Nichols' 1980 Ross Signature track bike sports era-appropriate foam grips.   Photo: Matt Butterman



 Brian Chapman won two awards with his tandem bike.   Photo: Brian Chapman