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Classic Rendezvous Weekend

Brian Ignatin

Monday 06 June 2016

Classic Rendezvous Weekend to pay tribute to Brian Baylis and Len Ingram

The June 10-12 Classic Rendezvous Weekend bike show in Greensboro, North Carolina, will pay tribute to two significant figures recently departed from the handbuilt/vintage bicycle scene.

Classic Rendezvous Weekend to pay tribute to Brian Baylis and Len Ingram
Photo: Jessica Lifland

Frame builder/painter Brian Baylis, and collector Len Ingram will be acknowledged for their respective contributions at the upcoming Classic Rendezvous Weekend, the longest-running and arguably the most significant vintage-themed cycling event in the USA.

Suntour Superbe Pro-equipped Wizard owned by Wayne Bingham of Velo Classique.  Photo: Wayne Bingham

Baylis, renowned as a key employee of Masi California, founded of Wizard Cycles. The bike show will feature at least one Wizard, as well as Brian’s personal Colnago (his favorite bike, which inspired many of his builds), a Colnago Replica that Brian built (which impressed Ernesto Colnago himself, who saw the bike at the 2009 Gran Fondo Colnago in San Diego), and show organizer Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro will show a never-seen Baylis frame, built into a bike that represents to Baylis’s philosophy and aesthetic sense.

Len and Jean Ingram. Photo courtesy Hetchins Cycles

Ingram was the Marque Enthusiast of Hetchins within the Veteran-Cycle Club in the UK, and he maintained a worldwide register of Hetchins Cycles. As tribute to Ingram’s passing, the bike show will have approximately six ornate Hetchins bicycles on display.  

The event, known as 'CR weekend' will include a number of rides, seminars, a swap meet, and a Concours d’Elegance. Attending the show will be at least three North Carolina Framebuilders: Dogwood Cycleworx, Capricorn Bicycles.

Registration for the CR Weekend is available via BikeReg. Pre-Registration closes on June 8th.