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Outspoken Cyclist

Paul Skilbeck

Thursday 02 June 2016

Outspoken Cyclist excerpts to appear on HBG

The popular weekly cycling magazine-style radio show regularly features interviews with leading figures in the frame building world. The show reaches its 300th edition Saturday, May 21.

Outspoken Cyclist excerpts to appear on HBG
Diane Lees

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HBG will enter a partnership with the popular radio show Outspoken Cyclist, hosted by Diane Lees. The Outspoken Cyclist weekly radio broadcast and podcast will celebrate its 300th show this weekend, on June 4th.

Custom bicycle frame builders have been a recurring theme on this popular show, with guests in recent years including many well-known names among U.S. builders of the current era. A sample of these names reads:

Ben Serotta, Stephen Bilenky, Richard Schwinn, Craig Calfee, Don Walker, Mark Nobilette, Ross Schafer, Steve Garro, Carl Strong, Dave Kirk, Richard Sachs, Dave Wages, Kirk Pacenti, Chris Kvale, Paul Sadoff and many more.

HBG will promote particular guests on the show with excerpts from recent (and sometimes older) interviews.

The show airs 6 p.m. Saturdays, U.S. Central time, on the John Carroll University campus community radio station wjcu.org.