Handbuilt Bicycle Guide

Gravel Bike


May 2019

Quirk's GRoad

The GBP2000 paint job is masterful and spectacular, but what makes this bike special is its provenance


May 2019


February 2018

Moots: gnarly gravel bike

This ain't no grasshopper. Moots brought a prototype titanium soft-tail bike to NAHBS that will have adventure cyclists salivating.


January 2018

Battaglin's e-guide to gravel bikes

Alessandro Battaglin's new online guide to the reasons for gravel riding and equipment specification for custom gravel bikes is a personal account that pours years of experience into a useful 18-page read.

Frame Builders

March 2017

Tallerico: A NorCal veteran steps back into the spotlight

Having built more than 1500 frames, Jon Tallerico knows a thing or two about smart frame design and brazing. We met him at NAHBS, where he gave us some background on his award-winning high-wheel as well as the low-cost, high-performance models he's now selling.

Shows & Events

March 2017

Tallerico Cycles' modern high-wheeler

Builder Jon Tallerico of Lodi California's Tallerico Cycles built a penny farthing-style bike from scrap in his workshop. It was a non-serious bike intended to make a point, but it ended up winning him the People's Choice award.

Shows & Events

March 2017

Matt Appleman's Donut Bike

Minnesota framebuilder Matt Appleman designed and built a serious carbon fiber bike with a fun and whimsical theme.

The Ride

May 2016

Matt Shields' 1986 Alpine - Lazarus Lives!

In our new series called The Ride, we explore the relationships between cyclists and their handbuilt custom bikes, and how those partnerships enhance their cycling experiences and broaden their horizons.