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Parts / Classic Rendezvous: Harvey Sachs' 1972 Cinelli SR

2018-05-21 17:59:00

Bicycle Collector Harvey Sachs brought a 1972 Cinelli SR bicycle with him to the Classic Rendezvous Weekend that featured a couple of innovative components from the Italian brand that were far ahead of their time.
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    2018-05-17 11:01:00

    The Classic Rendezvous Weekend, a celebration of vintage, classic and retro-inspired bicycles, takes place this weekend, May 18-20, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Organizer Dale Brown says that the 2018 event will be the final one.

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    2018-05-05 15:14:00

    HTech Bikes makes bicycle frames from a combination of wood and carbon fiber. Glenn Mountain talked to the company at the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, on April 29.

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    2018-05-01 15:19:00

    Tor Bikes is a new company from rural Victoria, displaying a versatile mountain bike with progressive geometry at the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

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    2018-04-30 13:14:00

    Glenn Mountain reports from the inaugural Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, held in Melbourne April 28-29.

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