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    2017-06-04 16:41:00

    Minnesota's homegrown bicycle show just keeps getting better. Here's an idea of how it was in the Peacock Groove workshop in Minneapolis on June 3rd, at an event that is almost as much about the good times, friendship and the culture as it ...

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    2017-06-02 23:09:00

    Minnesota has such a great cycling culture and so many great bike builders that it deserves its own show, but Minnecycle founder Erik Noren doesn't always love the set-up tribulations of hosting an event like this.

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    2017-05-12 16:54:00

    Stephen Bilenky showed his extraordinary lightweight steel Ultralight bike at the 2016 Philly Bike Expo.

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    2017-05-03 14:28:00

    The longstanding trade relationship between Seven and Chris King is expanding to include collaborative marketing, market intelligence and new product releases. It also includes Chris King wheelsets only available on Sevens.

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Publications / Paul Brodie, the man behind brodie bikes

2017-06-10 16:42:00

Paul Brodie's tell-all memoir is not only a great resource for aspiring and new frame builders, but also it is an absorbing read for cycling enthusiasts and those curious about the ups and downs of small bicycle manufacturing businesses.